Celebrating February in the Food Forest!

What Values Does Your Community Food Forest Have About Celebrating Love? Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, which we have come to know as a holiday associated with love, romance, compassion, and all kinds of relationships, including friendship. However, in my post on Tuesday, I mentioned the ancient festival of Lupercalia, which was…

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18th and Rhode Island Food Forest

The 18th and Rhode Island Food Forest in San Francisco, CA was started in 2008 on Portero Hill.


Here is a video of Kevin Bayuk, co-founder, talking about Permaculture Design at the Park:

Bee Keeping in the Food Forest:

Also here are some videos taken over a span of years that show the garden’s progression:

This video is in French taken in 2010:

Also in French taken in 2010:

Taken in 2013:

Clifton Park Food Forest- Baltimore, MD

Can community food forests offer one strategy to create meaningful change? I am writing a chapter on community food forests (CFFs) this morning for potential inclusion in a book on re-enlivenment of cities. Reflecting on the role of CFFs it is evident that the cultural, socioeconomic and political context of…

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