Sliding Scale Consulting

I offer consulting about community food forests, permaculture or agroforestry projects. We can discuss what form works best for you such as guidance, brainstorming, evaluation of an on-going project, design, site and social planning, community visioning, meeting agendas and guidelines or however you most need assistance. An initial consultation is $50 for 1 hour. I’m happy to discuss the needs of your project by email so you will have a better understanding of what I can offer you, but please understand I receive email from quite a few people asking for advice so my responses will be limited.

Scheduling a phone consultation will allow me to give you full attention and recommend the best steps forward for your project. From there we can discuss whether you need further assistance on an hourly basis or want to set-up a project package. In a project package, I review your project’s needs and assemble a team from my network (typically there will be at least three of us) that will be able to address all angles to move your project in the right direction and make sure you feel confident in achieving the goals you define through our consultation. Please contact me so we can discuss options. Email me at cathie(at)

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