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Welcome to the first blog post of communityfoodforests.com! Let me tell you, in a nutshell, who I am and why I think it is important to create this website. I am a researcher, artist, instructor, student, outdoor enthusiast (more so in warm weather!), dog owner, gardener and lifetime learner among other things.

My life is currently centered around learning about community food forests (CFFs) as it is the focus of my PhD dissertation. So I quite literally eat, breathe and bore all my closest loved ones with lots of information about CFFs! In order to rescue my friends and family from constantly being inundated with me sharing my mental meanderings and light bulb moments of connecting dots on this topic, I figured why not share all that with the world? Maybe someone will actually find some of it interesting, learn something new, find validation of their own conclusions or even better- start commenting and sharing their views so we can help each other grow!

The main goal of the website is to share the knowledge I gain with fellow enthusiasts interested in this and related topics. I hope to include a map of current community food forests around the US, provide useful resources as I review them, consulting to those looking to start a new community food forest, and to connect like-minded individuals and organizations.

My other reason for writing this blog is that community food forests are a phenomenon that I think will continue to grow and take hold in our culture. The people pioneering this movement are not all currently connected. My hope is we can all help each other learn about this topic and create more synergy by sharing stories, lessons learned, solutions to challenges, encouragement, and connecting great ideas, experiments, work on the ground and research for the benefit of current and future projects related to the themes that will be covered in this blog.

What are those themes? Check out the About this Website page to learn more.

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