SWALE-the floating food forest- supported by the USDA Forest Service

SWALE- the floating food forest project in NYC

I have previously posted about SWALE – the floating food forest project in NYC. I did not realize the artist, Mary Mattingly, was an artist-in-residence in the Arts and Humanities Residency Program at the NYC Urban Field Station supported by the US Forest Service. About the program from the website:

The NYC Urban Field Station launched a new Arts and Humanities Residency Program in June 2016. The goals of this program are to bring perspectives from the arts and humanities to urban social-ecological systems and to incubate new relationships with artists and writers to inform our research and land management.

That little bit of news cheers me up a bit about our government agencies. Good job US Forest Service! Here are additional resources to learn more about SWALE, now in its second year!

The Swale Floating Food Forest Is Coming to New York City

Swale, the Floating Food Forest on a Barge Opens at Brooklyn Bridge Park

With Floating Farm, New York Looks to the Future of Public Parks

This gorgeous floating park reopens in New York this spring

Here is a video about SWALE: NYC Urban Field Station artist-in-residence Mary Mattingly has created a floating food forest that invites the public to cultivate fresh food as the barge travels through NYC harbors and acts as a setting for conversations about food and public policy. (Courtesy of A Blade of Grass Foundation’s Fieldworks).

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